Remembering the UI state between Zapp pages

Preserving the UI state between Zapp pages allows the user to remain within the same tab, drilldown page, or even scroll position when navigating between pages. For example, you may have a Zapp with a single page broken into multiple tabs.




If a user click on a button that leads to a new page and then returns, you may wish for the previous page within the same tab.




This option can be enabled by selecting "Remember UI State" within the Configure Connections menu for the relevant connection. You may set this option on an incoming or outgoing connection.


First, open the Configure Connections menu using the dropdown at the top of the mobile preview.




Toggle on the "Remember UI State" option for the relevant connection. For Outgoing Connections, this setting is indicated by a half-filled circle icon. It is highlighted in blue when enabled.






The option is included as a toggle control on an Incoming Connection.






The following video provides an example of configuring the "Remember UI State" settings in the Designer.


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