Adding a Back Button

When creating a page in a Zapp, the Designer automatically adds a default Back Button to the top left side of the header of the page. This Back Button acts as the browser Back button by default. You can customize the behavior of this Back button by designating a different button on the page to act as the Back button.



To do so, open the In Line Editor (ILE) by clicking on the drop down to the right of the page name at the top of the mobile emulator screen and selecting Style Page.



When the panel opens, navigate to the Items tab. Click the pencil icon next to "Header."



Make sure the Items tab is selected. To replace the default browser Back button with your own button, click on "Choose Back button" and select the desired button. The list will only show the buttons available on this page.



The selected button will now replace the default browser Back button. If tapped, it will take the user back to the desired page based on the action of the selected button.


Note: Once the selected button is added to the header as the Back button, it will no longer appear in the body area of the page.


A Back Button can also be added via the Style tab. Both methods are demoed in the below video.


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