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The File Upload control enables you to add a file upload button to any Zapp. To do so, click "Input" in the Simplify Toolbar. Then, select "File Upload" from the dropdown menu.




Hover over the file upload widget. The Designer will prompt you to click in order to capture the File Upload control.



The file upload button will now be included in the mobile view.



Styling Options


To invoke the In Line Editor (ILE), hover over the element in the Zapp and click on the pencil. Through the ILE you can change the File Upload button label.



Configurable options include:

  • Presets: Choose between Standard, No Gutter, and Full Border Displays.

  • Display: Vary the control's width and background color.

  • Content: Specify the placeholder and tooltip text for the control.
  • Text: Customize the placeholder text's size, color, case, and style.
  • Label: Allows you to customize the file upload field's label, including position, text size, case, color, and style.
  • Icon: Change the file upload icon, icon position, and color.

  • Margins: Adjust the margins around the control.


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