Zapp Distribution & Adoption Best Practices

Appetites for mobile apps are growing. A study shows that the average smartphone user spends 2.8 hours per day on their mobile device, 89% of which is spent on mobile apps. Though time spent in apps dominates mobile usage, some 25% of all apps are used just once before being discarded. Few and far between are those that inspire loyal use. When publishing to your user base, you want to be sure your users are alerted to and continually re-engage with your Zapp. What can you do to encourage your users to continually use your Zapp?


This article talks through distribution best practices for driving Zapp adoption in your organization.


When publishing Zapps, we recommend focusing on the following areas:

  1. Awareness
  2. Downloads (aka “Why do I care?”)
  3. Engagement


1. Awareness


Even if your Zapp may be the best thing your employees have ever seen, it won’t be any good if they don’t know it exists.


The goal of this stage is to drive user awareness that new, simplified workflows are now available to them on their devices with the call-to-action to download WorkSimple. This can be challenging because it is hard to change user behavior and inertia with existing processes. However, four powerful channels are often used to drive awareness successfully; email, social networks, physical presence, and incentives.


It is crucial for each channel to convey the same, consistent, clear CTA (call-to-action) for the user, which in this case is to download WorkSimple to be able to access all their corporate workflows via a new, modern app.


The Go Live Email


Email is the most widely-used communication tool for businesses. Employees read and compose upwards of 50-60 emails a day on an average. When alerting your user base about your Zapp, sending an email is easy, effective, and inexpensive.


The best emails are simple (i.e. short and easy to read) and inviting (i.e. pleasing to look at with exciting images/text). Adding your company logo and brand colors instills familiarity and trust for recipients. We are happy to help make Go Live emails for you. Contact your Customer Success Manager for help designing Go Live emails like the one shown below.


Alert your user base of the Zapp Go Live with an email to drive awareness. Focus on the email's Subject, Body, and Call-To-Action. These are important features that will keep emails from being lost. 



Here are some tips to create effective emails to drive awareness:

  • The Subject line is what ensures that the email is opened. Make sure it’s clear and to the point. It should answer the question “Why do I care about this?” Higher open rates (% of users that open an email) can be achieved by deviating from the usual subject lines used in other corporate emails.
    Example: “Worldwide Enterprises has gone mobile!”

  • The Body of the email should be kept short and clearly communicate why this Zapp is important. The goal is to make an impact with some nice graphics and simple text to get users excited about the new workflow. Example: “Download the WorkSimple App today and get access to approvals no matter where you are!”

  • Finally, the Call-to-Action should be a download button that links to the Capriza App in the appropriate store (AppStore and/or Google Play). Users should have the app downloaded on their device in two taps for the best results.

Social Networks


If your company uses social networks, use them! Social networks are a great way to drive awareness. Ideally you should look to leverage Twitter and LinkedIn as well as your internal social network to drive awareness and Zapp adoption.


The recommended way to do this is to post frequently about the Zapp with different use cases or benefits highlighted with each post. Remember, you have to broadcast to your audience frequently to get the desired results. As users interact with the content (Like / Share / Comment) the post gathers momentum and will spread virally to the right audience. Social networks also enable embedding rich content in the post which in turn can drive higher engagement. To maximize your effort, remember to hashtag properly, leverage images, and keep posting!


Physical Presence


Physical presence on campus is another effective channel to drive awareness and adoption.


Methods include setting up booths, posters, collateral, projectors (with a video loop showing the app in action) in high foot traffic areas such as the cafeteria during meals, or building lobbies at the beginning or end of the work day.  We are happy to help make marketing materials for you. Contact your Customer Success Manager for help designing a poster like the one shown here.





Incentives can be a big driver of downloads if used appropriately.


Announce early-bird incentives to drive Zapp adoption. Reward people with freebies that will add value to their user experience. Make it a goodie point in their performance appraisal.


Given that these incentives are hard to scale / repeat, the main driver of the Zapp should be the excitement of being able to access simpler workflows on the go.

2. Download


Driving Downloads via the App Store & Google Play


It should not take users more than two taps to download and install the app. The more the hurdles, clicks or taps along the way, the higher the drop-off in install rate.


While embedding HTML in emails and doing page redirects based on device type and other criteria can be tricky, it is a worthy investment. Responsive email design ensures that users get a simple download experience regardless of their device or OS.


Below are deep links to download WorkSimple via the Google Play and the iOS App Store. Embed these as links in emails or marketing collateral to save your users time navigating. 

End users should have no trouble locating and downloading WorkSimple. If these deep-link URLs are unavailable, users can search for “worksimple” in either the iOS App Store or Google Play to find the WorkSimple App.




The Value of WorkSimple


Imagine your company where employees, partners, and customers are unrestricted by the complexity of technology systems. Where they are able to complete a needed task in a minute’s time, wherever they are, on any device. People are truly empowered, mobilized, agile, and able to self-serve. It’s where these powerful minutes of productivity become the competitive advantage. When this is how your business runs, you will have transformed to a One-Minute EnterpriseTM.


Each WorkSimple app is personalized to each user, presenting only the Zapps that matter to that individual. The result allows users to work productively without even considering which application they’re using.


Communicate the value of WorkSimple to increase awareness and drive downloads.

  • Branding: Add your company logo and color palette to WorkSimple’s main Zapp container to give your users a look and feel that aligns with your company branding.

  • Native Phone Features: WorkSimple also serves as a gateway for Zapps to be able to use native features. These include barcode scanning, advanced location services, calendar and contacts integration for sending emails or SMSs, and more.

  • Push Notifications: Push Notifications allow your business applications to actively work for your users, providing each person with alerts about updates to key information or attention to vital tasks. Ensuring your users receive just-in-time information and tasks helps them focus on the most important items to drive business efficiency.

  • Cards: Cards offer a consolidated and actionable view of all key metrics from various business applications. Giving each user a hub to easily access all of the important information for their day, increasing the visibility your users have on the things that ultimately drive your business.




Example of Custom WorkSimple Branding


3. Engagement




Once you launch, you’re just getting started. Key adjustments can get you to the next level. This will be an on-going process, allowing you to iterate quickly in response to feedback and adoption analytics. Tracking feedback is critical to the success of your Zapp.


Whether you launch with a beta group via the Capriza Groups feature (highly recommended) or to your users company-wide, getting feedback is critical to success. Most likely initial Zapps will require tweaking before they mature and get to the desired adoption. Look for both quantitative as well as qualitative feedback from users to understand how they are using it and where drop-offs could occur.


Capriza’s Adoption dashboards should help you get started with basic metrics including unique users, Zapp runs, and Zapp performance. The built-in feedback function in every Zapp should also help you understand what users would like to see improved in the Zapp.




Gather user feedback in real-time with the ability for users to submit comments and suggestions within Zapps. Feedback is automatically associated with the relevant Zapp, so you can view all comments alongside the qualitative analytics and see which feedback is from which user.


Smart dashboards in the Capriza Dashboard help you track and drive adoption.


Push Notifications


Push notifications are one of the main drivers for return usage of apps. They can maximize the value of mobility by delivering key information and reminders to users and can touch on all aspects of the business. According to Localytics’s “Mobile in 2016: Why You Need Push & In-App Messaging to Combat Churn”, users who have enabled push notifications when installing an app will launch that app an average of 14.7 times per month. This contrasts with users who have not enabled push messages, who only launch 5.4 times per month. This represents a 171% increase in app engagement.


Push notifications are sent by Capriza to users running WorkSimple on their mobile devices. Notifications appear in the device’s notification area and when clicked will have a consequent action such as launching WorkSimple itself or deep-linking into a Zapp.


We are happy to help you take full advantage of push notifications to drive Zapp adoption. Contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance configuring push notifications.


Information is also available Notifications area of the Help Center.




Reminder Emails


Continue to check in with your user base by sending reminder emails. This is a great way to engage and drive additional downloads by using imagery, screenshots, and help center links. Demonstrate the value of the Zapp by communicating to the recipient the benefits of downloading it.


We are happy to help make reminder emails for you. Contact your Customer Success Manager for help designing reminder emails like the one shown here.





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