SAML Overview

To allow users to run the enterprise’s Zapps, Capriza usually requires the user to first authenticate with credentials provided upon sign up with the Capriza service.


Alternatively, Capriza can integrate with a SAML 2.0-enabled IdP, allowing users to run restricted Zapps without requiring them to first sign up with Capriza. Instead, users authenticate with the IdP which Capriza has been configured to trust.


In addition, by redirecting users to authenticate with the SAML 2.0-enabled IdP, you can ensure the authentication process adheres to company policies.


Capriza SAML 2.0 implementation supports:

  • SP initiated HTTP POST binding

  • Login expiration time as specified in the SAML Assertion instead of the default 7 days

  • Leading Enterprise SSO vendors, including Okta and Ping Identity.

Please see SSO | SAML Integration and SAML Integrations for ADFS for integration information.

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