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Use the Checkbox control in the Capriza Designer to create a checkbox in the Zapp that enables the user to check/uncheck an item. This control should be used in cases where one checkbox corresponds to one item. If multiple checkboxes correspond to a single item, it is better to use the Multiselect control.

Select "Check Box" from the Input dropdown in the Simplify Toolbar.


After choosing the Checkbox tool from the Simplify Toolbar, click the check box in your web application to add it to the Zapp. 


Capriza detects if the web element is a checkbox and automatically creates a corresponding element in the Zapp.


Occasionally, Capriza may not recognize the checkbox automatically and will require from the user to further teach it how to identify the checkbox’s different states (‘checked’/‘unchecked’). Once you demonstrate both of these states (as prompted by the Designer), the checkbox will be captured.


Styling Options 


Through the In Line Editor (ILE) you can customize various aspects of the text field.


Options include:

  • Check Box Icon: Change the icon's color.

  • Content: Adjust the tooltip text (for Zapps run in browser).

  • Text: Change various aspects of the control's text and label. See Text & Label Styling Options for more information.
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