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Use the Input: Dropdown control in the Capriza Designer to create a dropdown list, e.g. for a menu in the Zapp that enables the user to select one of several options or values. This control is useful for Zapps that require the user to input information prior to submitting a request or approval.

To capture a dropdown, select Input > Dropdown.


When hovering over an element on the web page that is a dropdown, a tooltip will appear indicating "Click to include this drop-down menu."


Capriza will automatically recognize the element as a dropdown and add it and all the items in that dropdown to the Zapp.



Styling Options

Several styling options are available via the In Line Editor (ILE).



  • Presets: Select a predefined mobile style preset for the dropdown.

  • Display: Change the dropdown's width and background color.

  • Use Client Side Filtering: Use this option to filter the available options from the dropdown as the user types. This is done on the mobile device and not in the web app.

  • Show as Modal: By default the dropdown options are displayed as a popover in the page, when the dropdown is opened. If this option is turned on, the open dropdown will be displayed in full page.

  • Content: Select placeholder and tooltip text.

Please refer to Text & Label Styling Options for more information on styling options.

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