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Use the List control in the Capriza Designer to add lists of items to your Zapp. For source apps that include merged lists (e.g. multiple lists of items merged together), each individual list can be added separately, and the order of the lists will be maintained.


To capture a list, click "Data" in the Simplify Toolbar. Then select "List" from the dropdown menu.



Use the ‘+/-’ buttons to broaden or narrow your region of capture (the green region). Select the first list item.



The tooltip will ask you to select another list item of the same type.


The Capriza Designer will automatically detect and select the rest of the list. Click again to save.


In some cases, the Capriza Designer will recognize a corresponding label for the list. You can confirm or cancel the label that is recognized.


An example of capturing a list is covered in the following video.



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