Styling Overview

In addition to making it easy to capture web controls to be translated into a mobile rendering, the Capriza Designer makes it possible to fully customize the look and feel of your Zapp to create the best user experience possible. Styling can be performed via two sections of the Designer: the In Line Editor (ILE) and the Style Tab.


In Line Editor (ILE)

The ILE enables you to make minor changes to your Zapp's look and feel as you grab controls.

The ILE is accessed via the Simplify tab. Hover over the desired control and select the pencil option.

The ILE popup will then display, enabling you to adjust colors, fonts, and other styling options.

The available styling options will vary depending on the control type. Please see Control Types for information on the ILE options for each control.


Style Tab

The Style tab offers a rich style editor, with presets, templates and other UI configuration options.

Key features of the Style tab include:

  • Dual Form Factor View: Style both mobile and tablet views as required. Styles can be applied separately to create the best user experience for each type of device. Please see Styling Large Form Factors for more information.

  • Brands: Add pre-defined color palettes to easily style your Zapp.

  • Group Items: Better organize your Zapp controls and page layout. Please see Grouping Items for more information.

  • Copy Styles: Apply styles across controls with three clicks.

  • Export: Export style sets and components for reuse in other Zapps or even in different pages of the same Zapp.

  • Reorder Pages: Reorder the pages in the left pane for better organization while styling.


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