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Using the Text Link control in the Capriza Designer, you can create a link in the Zapp that enables a user to navigate to another page with a single click. To capture a link, select "Text Link" from the Link drop down in the Designer Toolbar.



The tooltip will say "Select a Link." Once you hover over a text link, the tooltip will change to say "Click to include this link."


Upon clicking, the tooltip will say "Click again to interact." You may choose to click the link from either the mobile or web view to interact with it. You will then be directed to the destination of that link in the web view and to a new Zapp page in the mobile preview.


If you do not interact with the link, you may add as many links as you would like to the Zapp without actually navigating to the link destinations.


Styling Options


Once captured, you can access the In Line Editor (ILE) to style your link.





Several options are available:

  • Display: You can display the link as either a text link or a button. A button can be pinned to the action bar and has the same ILE options as a regular Button element. Please see Button Styling Options for more information.

  • External URL: Indicate that the URL leads to an external website/page. When toggled on, the option to launch the URL in an external browser/app also becomes available.
  • Text: You can edit the Text name of the Link

  • Icon: You can select an icon to appear next to the link label.

Please refer to Text & Label Styling Options for information on additional available settings.

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