Capriza Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard allows for a top-level overview of all existing Zapps. It keeps track of your Zapps' number of users, numbers of runs, and dates of creation.

Navigate through each of the tabs in order to see everything from your usage data to your Zapp theme options.

There are five tabs within the Dashboard: Home, Zapps, Users, Brand, and Account.

Home Tab: Within the Home tab, you can view representations of the statistics associated with all of your Zapps. Read more about the Home Tab here.


Zapps Tab: Within the Zapps tab, you can view a list of all of your Zapps. Information regarding each Zapp's publication and logistics is displayed. Read more about the Zapps tab here.



Users Tab: The Users tab is for administrators only. Here, all the groups of the organization as well as the the number of members and Zapps within each group are listed. Read more about the Users tab here.

Notify Tab:
The Notify tab enables you to configure time-based notifications to help drive Zapp adoption and remind your users of key tasks and events. More information can be found here.


Brand Tab: 
The Brand tab allows you to select a Primary Brand to be reflected throughout your WorkSimple App and in the Zapps. Your Primary Brand determines which specific color and images will be predominant in your Zapp layout. Read more about the Brand Tab here.



Profile Tab: The Profile tab displays your account information. Here is where you can update both personal and corporate information within the Dashboard. Read more about the Profile Tab here.

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