Supported Operating Systems & Browsers for running Zapps

The following OS are officially supported for WorkSimple and for running Zapps in a mobile device browser:

  • Device / OS:
    • iPhone 5 or newer running iOS 10* or newer
    • iPad 3 or newer running iOS 10* or newer
    • Any Android 5 or newer (Android 4.4 supported using WorkSimple 9.0 with limited functionality)


*Note: Generally, we support the two latest iOS versions.

- iOS 9 users may have access to WorkSimple up to v17.0.

- iOS 8 users may have access to WorkSimple up to v13.0.


Users trying to install WorkSimple on older iOS versions may see the following message. Users will see this message if they already have WorkSimple installed on the current device or on another iOS device using the same Apple account.


For example, say you have two devices, one is an iPhone with iOS 10 installed and another is an older iPad with iOS 9. You can first install the latest version of WorkSimple on your iPhone and when you try to install WorkSimple on your iPad, using the same Apple account, you will be prompted to download the older WorkSimple version, if it exists.


Since the app is already installed on one device in your personal collection, it is considered to be part of your library and should be available to any devices under your Apple account.





Zapps can also run in as a stand-alone app in a browser. The following browsers are supported for running Zapps:

  • The most recent version of:
    • Safari (iOS)
    • Chrome
    • Android Browser
    • Edge (Microsoft browser)
    • Internet Explorer 11 (supported for Zapps built on Capriza versions 9.0 to 15.0)

In general, Zapps can be run on any modern browser that supports HTML5 (such as Windows phone browser or Blackberry phones with HTML5 compatible browser). However, these are not officially supported, and performance, therefore, may not be guaranteed.


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