Offline Access

Offline Access


Capriza provides offline access to Zapps so that you and your employees can access your most valuable data even in situations with limited connectivity. Currently, this functionality consists of the ability to access the Most Valuable Page (MVP) while offline. The MVP is the first page that loads upon opening a Zapp, following login and any Automations.


When accessed in offline mode, the MVP will load and an alert stating, "It looks like you're offline," will display.



This alert can be dismissed and you can view and interact with content on the page.


Please note that the MVP must be cached on the mobile at least once in order to allow for offline usage. This is accomplished by running the Zapp at least once and logging into the Zapp. Once the Zapp was run once successfully, the first page is cached and the Zapp is run in the background at regular intervals to refresh the cache. Background runs are also used to drive Business Alerts and make sure the information in Cards is up to date.

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