Publishing a Zapp

In order to obtain access to the Update URL function and other configurations required to move your Zapp to Production, you must first Publish it in the Designer. You can do this by clicking the “Publish” button in the upper right hand corner of the Designer.




If any tasks in the Task Manager are still pending, a dialog asking if you wish to Publish with Issues or View Tasks will appear. Please refer to the Overview of the Task Manager article for more information.




If you still choose to publish your Zapp, a dialog will appear. Here, you may enter internal notes for the version you are about to publish. These notes will only be available to users who have access to the Zapp via the Dashboard (other designers and admins). The purpose of these notes is to communicate to other Zapp builders what was done in this version of the Zapp. Once ready, click “Publish.”





Note: Once you have published a Zapp version, you can no longer edit it. To make changes a new version must be created.


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