Enabling Touch ID Login

Touch ID is an available secondary authentication method for iOS users on WorkSimple version 18 and later. When used, a user with an already active session will need to verify his fingerprint when re-opening the WorkSimple application. This feature enables an additional layer of security for accessing Zapps while still maintaining a low friction user experience.

When enabled, the user experience is as follows. During the first run of WorkSimple, the user logs in with the organization's primary authentication method (e.g. Quick Login, SAML, etc.). If the user is on a device with TouchID he will then be prompted with the option for enabling it for secondary authentication to WorkSimple. Once the user clicks "Enable Touch ID," he will need to confirm his fingerprint. 







Once enabled, the user will be prompted to verify his fingerprint each time he opens WorkSimple (as long as his session is still active).


Note: This feature is a companion to our passcode feature. Users without a TouchID compatible device will instead be prompted to create a passcode, and users not wishing to enable TouchID can instead opt for passcode by tapping the link "Not now, set a passcode instead" at the bottom of the page.


In addition, the user may change his TouchID preferences at any time by navigating to Settings (located in the side menu bar) and selecting "Touch ID & Passcode."




From here, the user may toggle TouchID on/off and, if passcode has instead been selected, reset their passcode.





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