Deleting a project - new page vs. mobile only confirmation

The Time Entry universal micro app assumes that each project row in the timesheet table also includes an option to delete a specific row from the table.


Each project row includes a swipe action to delete the specific row.


Executing the Delete action in the Zapp will delete this specific project row in the entire timesheet for all days represented in the table.



The delete button action may or may not lead to a delete confirmation page on the web application. If the delete action triggers a delete confirmation pop up, the micro app offers a corresponding mobile page that can be easily attached.





Some web applications (SAP, for example) do not offer a delete confirmation step, therefore you might wish to provide a mobile-side delete confirmation pop up to make sure the user does not delete a project row by accident.


To enable the mobile-side confirmation pop up, open the button ILE, scroll down and turn on Mobile side confirmation.






In the text field you can enter any message you would like to display to the user. The message may include simple HTML tags such as <br> to add some space between sentences.


The message will display in a popup modal with a standard OK and Cancel buttons.





If you choose to enable the mobile side confirmation for the Delete Project button, the Delete Confirmation page is not required and may be removed from the Zapp.



This mobile-side confirmation popup can be used in other scenarios where you would want to make sure that the user is sure about the action he is taking.



Learn more about how to leverage design patterns in universal micro apps in this article.




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