Common questions about using Firefox ESR

Why does Capriza require Firefox?


The Capriza Dashboard and Designer is a Firefox extension. Firefox is an open source platform that provides the most comprehensive access for our deep integration with the web objects.



Which version of Firefox is needed?


Capriza requires the latest version of Firefox ESR (English US), which can be found here.



Why does Capriza use the ESR version of Firefox?


ESR stands for Extended Support Release. This is a more stable version that does not change as frequently as the consumer version and is targeted for large organizations.



Which users will need to use Firefox?


The Capriza Dashboard and Designer is only used by those who build and manage the Zapps. Therefore only Designers and Admins must install Firefox on their computers.



How frequently do I need to update Firefox?


Capriza follows the the Firefox ESR release cadence which provides a new release once a year in March.

You can learn more about Firefox ESR life cycle in the Mozilla Firefox ESR Overview page.



When I upgrade Firefox ESR, do I need to update or reinstall Capriza?


No, once the extension is installed, you do not need to do anything. The Capriza Dashboard and Designer update automatically when our quarterly release is pushed.



Firefox is not a supported browser in my organization and my applications do not run well in Firefox. What do I do?


There are many things we can do to address issues that arise due to incompatibility with Firefox. One is to change the user-agent in runtime to simulate a supported browser. Another is to tweak the HTML of the web app at runtime to address UI issues and more. Each solution is tailored to the specific problem.



Does Capriza plan to support other browsers for the Dashboard and Designer extension?


No, there are no plans to support any other browser for building Zapps at this time. No other browser provides the level of integration that Firefox provides.



What about running Zapps? Do I have to have Firefox installed to run my Zapps?


No, Zapp run in any modern browser on your mobile device. The preferred option is to run your Zapps from within WorkSimple to take advantage of all the available native capabilities and performance enhancements.

See our list of supported operating systems and browsers for additional details.



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