Launching an External Native App from WorkSimple

In addition to housing all of your organization's Zapps, you can include tiles that lead to external native applications in WorkSimple. This feature will enable your end users to access any custom mobile apps you have already developed internally, making WorkSimple the one stop shop for all of their work-related needs.


To add a tile that leads to an external mobile app, select "New Zapp" in the Capriza Dashboard.




Choose a "Blank" Zapp.




Enter a name for your External Zapp tile. You can enter URL you wish. This will not affect the functionality of the tile.




Capture one control, and navigate to Test mode.




Ignore any errors you may receive, and save your Zapp. Exit back to the Dashboard.






Send your Customer Success Manager the following details about your app to complete setup:

  • Native iOS Custom URI

  • Native iOS Download Link

  • Native Android Custom URI

  • Native Android Download Link


For example, if you wished to launch the Youtube native app, you would provide the following details:

  • Native iOS Custom URI:

  • Native iOS Download Link:

  • Native Android Custom URI:

  • Native Android Download Link:

Once setup is completed, upon tapping the tile, the user will be taken to the app or to the App Store or Google Play to download it.




Distribution of the tile leading to the external app functions like any other Zapp, enabling you to provide it to all users or just a group. Please see Managing Groups for more information.

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