Recipe to Build Your Lookup Zapp

Please refer to the following video for an example of building a Lookup Zapp.


  1. For most Lookup Zapps, you can utilize the Universal Micro App (Zapp Template) for Lookups in the Capriza Designer. See Introduction to Universal Micro Apps.

  2. Before you start, familiarize yourself with building a Zapp using a template.

  3. Click on New Zapp, then Lookups. Find the Lookup Universal Micro App that best corresponds to the specific type of lookup you are building a Zapp for. (Select “Basic Search” for a generic template.)



  1. Enter the Zapp Name and Description. Enter the web address/URL of the business application for your lookup process (ie. SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, etc.).




  1. Read Controls, Pages, & Connections to understand what makes up a Zapp.

  2. Attach the login page by following the wizard. Reference the “Attaching Controls Using the Wizard” section in building a Zapp using a template on how to attach the controls on the details page.



  1. When attaching controls, there will be cases where you need to strengthen the control. For details, please read Strengthening Basics.

  2. Using new pages, attach the navigation steps required to get to the initial lookup page. For how to capture navigation steps, watch this video.




  1. Attach the lookup search function.



  1. Attach the results table. For details on this step, read the “Attaching a table” section of this article.




  1. Click on an item to go into the details view. By following the wizard, attach the necessary details for the item.




  1. Toggle to Styling mode. For more details on styling, visit the Styling Help Section




  1. Toggle to Test mode. Test multiple different approvals to make sure there are no errors. For details visit Testing Zapps. For tips on resolving errors, please visit How to Resolve Common Errors.

  2. Publish the Zapp. To access the Zapp on your mobile device, visit the following pages:
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