Configuring Login Cookies

Capriza supports multiple types of caching to improve the mobile user experience, including First Page Caching, Text Field Caching, Lookup Caching, and saving credentials. Login cookies can also be cached in order to streamline the authentication experience. This setting is enabled by default for common source applications, such as SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle, and can be enabled manually for other applications.


First, click the great icon in the upper right hand corner of the Designer.




Select “Zapp Options.”




Select the “Login” tab in the resulting dialog. If not already enabled by default, check the “Cache authentication cookie(s) for faster login” box.




A list of cookies is displayed. Cookies that Capriza automatically detects as related to login are highlighted in blue with a checkmark to the right of the row. You can toggle cookies on/off by clicking anywhere on the row.




By default, only those cookies determined by Capriza to be most likely related to login are displayed. You can view a full list of cookies by unchecking the “Display only login related cookies” box.




Once you have made your desired changes, click “Save & Close.”


Testing Cookie Cache


Once configured, it is highly recommended you test your Zapp to ensure you have selected the correct cookies. Run the Zapp in Test mode. If the correct cookies were selected, you will automatically be logged in.


If you are not automatically logged in, repeat the configuration process with new cookies and re-test.

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