Configuring Error Page Timing

As with any application, Zapps will occasionally run into errors. Errors may be due to source application issues, network issues, or, as detailed in the Errors article, design gaps that lead Capriza to return a Context Not Found (CNF) error.


By default, Capriza displays error messages after the following amount of time:

  • CNF Errors: 20 seconds
  • Network Errors: 4 seconds


Depending on the known speed of your source application and your business requirements, you may wish to change these default values for your Zapp. For example, if the page load time in your source application is known to be very slow and the error display is too short, Capriza may display a CNF message when, in reality, the page has simply not finished loading in the source application. In this case, increasing the error timing would be recommended.


This can be accomplished within the Capriza Designer. First, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Designer.




Choose “Zapp Options.”




Scroll to the bottom of the “Error Page” tab until you arrive at “Error Page Timing.”




To adjust the CNF timing, change the value of “Show error page after 20 seconds.” For network error messages, change “In case of network inactivity, show error page after 4 seconds.”


When finished, click “Save & Close.”


For more information on errors, please refer to the articles:

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