WorkSimple Early Access for iOS

Capriza provides early access to WorkSimple via TestFlight, an app provided by Apple which allows developers to give users access to an app before it's available on the App Store.


In order to use TestFlight to gain early access to WorkSimple RC, you will need to provide us your Apple ID (note: This is most likely your personal email and not your work email). Fill out this form to register for TestFlight early access to WorkSimple Release Candidate.


You are greatly encouraged to share this registration form with your colleagues and end-users to give them the opportunity to try our WorkSimple earlier and provide their feedback.


Once we register your Apple ID in our system, you will receive an invitation to use TestFlight.




Click on "View in TestFlight" button. If TestFlight is not already installed on your device, you will be directed to this web page.





Once you install TestFlight and sign in with your Apple ID, click Redeem and enter the code provided in the page above.




Now you can install WorkSimple Release Candidate.




When a new version of WorkSimple is available, you will receive a notification via email. Follow the instructions in the email to install the new version.




NOTE: If you choose to install WorkSimple through TestFlight, it will override the current WorkSimple version you downloaded from the App Store.

You can always reinstall the version from the App Store and override the TestFlight version.

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