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The Capriza release cycle introduces a new version of the Capriza Dashboard, Designer and WorkSimple mobile app every eight weeks or so. During that cycle, Capriza provides customers with early access to new features a few weeks before the new release is generally available in our Stable channel. 


It's important to note that this early access (called "Beta") is not constantly available. A Beta option is available only once the new version in development is stable enough and ready for our customers to try out. We want to make sure the quality of our Beta is high, therefore when it does become available, it can be considered a Release Candidate (RC).


Once the new version is ready for deployment into our Stable channel, the Beta is complete and this option no longer visible to users, until the next Beta version is available.


Dashboard and Designer


When a new version reaches a stable enough stage and is ready to become a Release Candidate, a banner will appear at the top of the Capriza Dashboard introducing the availability of the new Beta.


You can choose to try it out or dismiss the banner.




If you decide to give Beta a try, a dialog will pop up describing the new features in this RC. You can go over the features or jump right into it.




The Dashboard will refresh and the new features will be available. 


In addition, you will now be able to create new Zapps or new Zapp versions using the Beta option.


Beta_-_new_Zapp.png    Beta_-_new_zapp_version.png


If you choose to dismiss the banner, you can try Beta at a later date.




You can ALWAYS exit out of the Beta view and back to the previous stable version.




Once Beta is complete and was deployed to our Stable channel, if you are currently in the Beta state, a dialog will pop up to inform you of the change and you will be taken to the latest Dashboard version.




 At this point, the Beta option is no longer available, until the next Capriza version is available.


Creating a Zapp in Beta


If you created a new Zapp or a new Zapp version in Beta, you will only be able to edit in Beta, as long as the Beta is available.


While Beta is still available, if you exit the Beta, you will not be able to edit your Beta Zapps.


Once Beta is complete, you will be able to edit your Zapps in the new Stable version.




A WorkSimple Release Candidate is also available prior to general availability of the stable release in the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Note: If you are using a custom WorkSimple version, please contact your Customer Success Manager to get early access to a Beta version of your custom WS.


iOS Release Candidate


Capriza provides early access to WorkSimple via TestFlight, an app provided by Apple which allows developers to give users access to an app before it's available on the App Store.


In order to use TestFlight to gain early access to WorkSimple RC, you will need to provide us your Apple ID (note: This is most likely your personal email and not your work email). Fill out this form to register for TestFlight early access to WorkSimple Release Candidate.


You are greatly encouraged to share this registration form with your colleagues and end-users to give them the opportunity to try our WorkSimple earlier and provide their feedback.


Once we register your Apple ID in our system, you will receive an invitation to use TestFlight.




Click on "View in TestFlight" button. If TestFlight is not already installed on your device, you will be directed to this web page.





Once you install TestFlight and sign in with your Apple ID, click Redeem and enter the code provided in the page above.




Now you can install WorkSimple Release Candidate.




When a new version of WorkSimple is available, you will receive a notification via email. Follow the instructions in the email to install the new version.




NOTE: If you choose to install WorkSimple through TestFlight, it will override the current WorkSimple version you downloaded from the App Store.

You can always reinstall the version from the App Store and override the TestFlight version.


Android Release Candidate


After installing WorkSimple from Google Play, you can opt-in as a Beta tester.
Open Google Play, go to the WorkSimple page, scroll down the app detail page and tap the “I’M IN” button in the following section:




Tap "Join" when asked.




After a few minutes, you will be confirmed as a beta tester and you'll be able to use the Beta version of WS.




Once you sign up for the beta program, you will get version updates the same way you usually do for the non-beta version. Depending on your specific Google Play account settings, the app may either be automatically downloaded and installed, or show up in the Updates section on Google Play.


To leave the beta program, simply scroll down to find the section on beta testing and tap "Leave".


Communication and Training


Prior to the availability of the Capriza release candidate (both Dashboard and Designer as well as WorkSimple), customers will be notified of the upcoming release.


In addition, on the week the Release Candidate is available, Capriza will conduct an informal training webinar to go over the new features and changes in the products.


Since Capriza usually releases an update on a Sunday, the training is expected to take place on a Thursday, but exact day may change.


If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact



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