Scanning a Barcode

Capriza's mobile-first design enables you to seamlessly integrate native mobile functionality, such as attaching photos, opening maps, scanning a barcode, and more, directly into your Zapp. Note: Zapps must be accessed via WorkSimple for these features to be enabled.

Scanning a Barcode


You can specify barcode as the input type for a text field to further streamline workflows within your Zapp. This is especially useful for fulfillment and support use cases, where package or item serial numbers must often be captured. Rather than manually typing the information, employees can leverage their phone's capabilities to obtain the barcode's information with a few taps.


To configure a barcode field, first select the Input > Text Field option in the Designer.




Capture the field from the web, and then open the In-Line Editor (ILE) for the control via the pencil icon in the mobile preview.




In the Properties tab, scroll down to Input Type, and select Barcode. 




The textfield will display with a QR icon on the righthand side of the input field.




Tapping the icon will launch the device's camera to enable scanning. Once scanned, the text field will autopopulate with the barcode information.




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