Launching Maps

Capriza's mobile-first design enables you to seamlessly integrate native mobile functionality, such as attaching photos, opening maps, scanning a barcode, and more, directly into your Zapp. Note: Zapps must be accessed via WorkSimple for these features to be enabled.


Launching Maps


If your Zapp includes any address fields, these controls can be configured to activate the phone’s native navigation capabilities when tapped.


To add this feature, capture the address using the Address control. A short tap will show the location using Google Maps in WorkSimple’s in-app browser.




The dropdown in the page header of the in-app browser includes additional options (depending on the OS’s capabilities), including Open in Maps, Open in Google Maps, Open in Waze, and Copy Address.


Note: If Waze is not currently downloaded to the user’s device, selecting this option will lead to the App Store or Google Play to download it. In addition, Copy Address functionality is not supported on iOS 9.




A long press surfaces all of the above options as well as the option to launch the in-app browser.




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