Attaching a Photo or File

Capriza's mobile-first design enables you to seamlessly integrate native mobile functionality, such as attaching photos, opening maps, scanning a barcode, and more, directly into your Zapp. Note: Zapps must be accessed via WorkSimple for these features to be enabled.

Attaching a Photo or File


The Upload File control enables the Zapp user to attach photos and files directly from his mobile device.


To add this functionality to your Zapp, select the Input > File Upload option in Simplify mode, and capture the relevant web control.




When the user interacts with the Zapp, tapping the "Choose File" option will open a dialog on the mobile device that asks the user from which source  he would like to select a file (i.e. Camera, Gallery, etc.)




Available Upload Sources


 The locations from which the user may upload files depend on the OS's capabilities and applications on the user's device. Common locations include the device's camera, gallery, Google Drive, iCloud, and third party storage applications, such as Box and Dropbox.

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