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Capturing a Phone Number

The Phone Number control enables you to capture actionable text that will invoke the mobile device’s native click-to-dial capabilities. To capture, select “Phone Number” from the “Text” menu in Simplify mode.


Click on the phone number in the web application to capture it. You can use the - and + keys to expand or contract your selection.




If the text you wish to capture is not automatically detected as a phone number by Capriza, you can force capture by holding down the Alt key and then clicking.




The phone number will appear in the mobile preview as a text link with a phone icon.




Clicking the the number will bring up a modal explaining how the control will trigger click-to-dial functionality on the user’s phone.





Styling Options

You can choose to have the phone number appear either as a text link or a button. To change the control type, open the In-Line Editor (ILE)  using the pencil icon.




Click the arrow next to the control type name, and choose the desired type.




You can then style the phone number like any other text or button control. Please see Text & Label Styling Options and Button Styling Options for more information.



You can also use JavaScript to override your phone number’s value if, for example, the number is contained in a longer string of text. To add an override, open the Web Properties dialog using the wrench icon.




Navigate to the “Properties” tab and scroll to the “Retrieve phone number” control.




Under “Phone number retrieval method,” select “Override.”




Enter your code in the box. The display text will remain the same, but the value returned by your code will be passed to the phone when click-to-dial is initiated. In order to change the display text, include an override under “dynamic display text.” Please refer to the Overrides article for more information.




Mobile End User Experience

Please refer to the Mobile First Features article for a breakdown of the end user experience. In addition, a demo and further information is included in the below video.


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