Advanced Environment Settings

The “Advanced environment settings” section on the Zapp Version menu enables you to control your Zapp’s runtime environment, caching settings, and other access parameters. To access this menu click the “Advanced environment settings” link on the Zapp version you wish to edit.




The section will expand to reveal several menu options.




The first, "Runtime environment," allows you to select in which environment you would like the Zapp to run. The default value for this field will be your organization’s default environment (as configured by your Capriza Success Manager). You can choose between different environments (for example, if two different environments are setup for Zapps used by employees in different geographic regions) by clicking the dropdown. If you haven’t yet setup your Capriza infrastructure, you can select Remote Access to leverage your own computer as a runtime to load your Zapps. Please see this article for more information.




The next setting, “This Zapp requires 'login' to “Capriza,” controls whether the user must first log in to WorkSimple in order to run the Zapp. This setting is turned off by default for all Zapps not run behind the organization’s firewall. Please see Accessing Zapps via Browser for more information on use cases for this setting.


“This zapp runs behind organization firewall” is the same setting you may enable/disable during the Zapp creation process. You can update this configuration at any time via this menu should your setup change or you forgot to do so during initial Zapp creation.


The last option, “Enable user input cache,” enables you to cache user-entered text and dropdown selections for faster interaction. Please see this article for more information.

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