Available Universal Micro Apps

The following provides a deep dive into each of the available Universal Micro Apps. Templates are divided into the following categories:

You can also click through each template in the below mockup.





Six approvals micro apps are currently available. All of the templates follow a similar structure, with a main worklist that enables the user to drill down to a details page for each item. Modal pages are included for approval confirmation and reject workflows in addition to error messages. An attachments page is also provided. The following wireframe demonstrates this workflow:




Event Tracking is automatically enabled for View Approval, Approve, and Reject actions. Please refer to Zapp-Level Statistics for more information.

Please refer to this article and its accompanying video for a step-by-step guide for creating an Approvals Zapp.


Expense Approvals

Provides the building blocks for the expense approval use case, including a list of pending expense approvals, a details page with Details and History tabs, and a Receipts page (accessible via the paperclip in the header).

Invoice Approvals

A micro app tailored to the nuances of the invoice approval use case, including breaking up of the Invoice Approval Details page into three tabs: Details, Line Items, and History.

Requisition Approvals

Includes a similar layout to the Invoice Approvals micro app but with requisition-specific language.

PO Approvals

Includes a similar layout to the Invoice Approvals micro app but with PO-specific language.

Time Off Approvals

Provides the skeleton of a Time Off Approval Zapp, including pre-configured pages for viewing a list of pending requests and a Details page broken into Details, balance, and History tabs.

Basic Approvals

Provides a starting point for all other approval use cases, such as time approvals, escalation approvals, etc.


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Five Universal Micro Apps are included in the HR category. Their structure varies according to the type of use case (e.g. lookup, request, etc.)

Manage Time Off

A micro app for Manage Time Off use cases, including pre-configured pages for viewing PTO balance, editing requests, and cancelling requests. Push Notifications are already configured for the My Requests page, alerting users when their pending requests have been acted on. 


Request Time Off

A sister micro app to Manage Time Off that provides a streamlined workflow for quickly submitting time off requests. This micro app also includes a pre-configured Card and Push Notification for the current balance of available hours.


My Pay


Provides a starting point for the Pay Statement use case. A list of previous pay statements is included as well as a modal page for details. The "View PDF" button allows end users to leverage their device's native capabilities to view pay statement files.


Corporate Directory

A lookup micro app for employee information. The results and details pages are well-stylized to take advantage of the limited space on the mobile screen, including mobile-optimized tables and the use of collapsible groups.


My Profile

Provides a simple workflow for employees to view and update their HR profile information. Collapsible groups are used to categorize and condense information, and modal pages are provided for photo upload, confirmation pop ups, and success messages.



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In addition to the Corporate Directory Universal Micro App (which is cross-listed), three other Lookup micro apps are provided. Each follow a similar structure with an initial search page from which the user can navigate to view details about each item.


Please refer to this article and its accompanying video for a step-by-step guide for creating a Lookup Zapp.

Product Search

Enables you to more quickly build a Zapp to search for a particular product, invoice, or part of a product. The search bar is pre-configured for barcode scanning, enabling users to leverage their phone's native scanning capabilities to more quickly search for an item. The Details page comes styled into three tabs, which can be customized to fit your particular use case.


Customer Search


Provides a starting point for customer, account, or contact look up Zapps. The search page comes with a pre-configured advanced search bar, allowing for simple queries or more advanced searches based on multiple fields (e.g. Contact, Type, Location). The details page is broken into three collapsible groups to categorize information and better display it on mobile screens.


Basic Search

Serves as a skeleton for other search use cases not covered by the other lookup templates. A search result list page is provided in addition to a details page divided into three tabs.


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Field Services

In addition to Product Search and Customer Search (which are cross-listed), four other Field Services Universal Micro Apps are offered. The three "submit" templates follow a similar structure with an input page/pages, success popup, and discard changes confirmation message. "Update Field Report" combines aspects of the lookup and submit workflows.

Create Field Report

Quickly build a Zapp for data entry use cases in the field, such as logging an incident, task, appointment, etc. Fields on the input page are included in two collapsible groups to categorize and condense information. Fields pre-configured for location input and file upload are included, allowing the user to leverage his device's location services, camera, and other file stores to streamline the report creation process.


Update Field Report

Combining aspects of both lookup and submission templates, this template includes an initial search page (including advanced search fields) that leads to a details page for each result. The pencil icon included in the header of the details page provides an easily recognizable way for the user to open the report for editing without taking up unnecessary screen space.


Submit a Request


Provides a four-page Universal Micro App for users to submit requests, such as appointments, services, support, etc. As opposed to the lengthier field report template, all inputs for the request are included on a single page without any collapsible headers.


Submit a Multi-Step Request

Enables more complex, data-heavy request use cases by dividing the input page into three screens. A progress bar is included in the page footer and the user can navigate through each step using the arrow and submit buttons.


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Eight Universal Micro Apps of the most common Sales use cases are provided to better support your field sales teams. These eight templates can be divided into three groups, each of which have a similar structure: creation zapps, lookup/edit zapps, and reporting.

Creation Zapps


The Sales category contains three creation Zapps. Each includes an entry page, various lookups for populating particular fields (e.g. account, owner, etc.), a success popup, and confirmation dialog for discarding changes.

Log an Activity

Provides a starting point for a log activity Zapp, including a single entry page for data entry that includes the most common fields (e.g. subject, account, status, due date, etc.) and lookups for account, contact, and assigned to.


Create a Contact

A standard workflow for adding a new contact to your CRM. Input fields are divided into three collapsible groups for a better experience on mobile and a lookup modal is provided for Account name entry to enable easier population.



Create an Account

Quickly build out an account creation workflow based on mobile UX best practices. The template follows the same structure as "Create a Contact" but with fields and groups tailored to standard CRM Account information.


Create an Opportunity

Easily rollout a create opportunity Zapp for your Sales team. As opposed to "Create a Contact" and "Create an Account" the smaller number of fields commonly required for this flow are displayed on a single page without collapsible headers.



Lookup/Edit Zapps

Three lookup/edit Zapps are included in the Sales category. Each provides a search page (including advanced search fields) with the ability to then view details and edit a particular item.

My Contacts

A sister micro app to "Add a Contact," this template provides a skeleton for viewing and editing existing contacts on mobile. Actionable text is included for each contact's phone number, email address, and address, enabling the user to leverage his device's click to dial, launch email client, and navigation capabilities.


My Accounts

Provides a pre-configured workflow for accessing and editing account information. The main Account Details page is divided into three tabs: Opportunities, Contacts, and Activities, and a paper clip icon in the header leads to a modal page for viewing attachments. Tapping the information icon or any of the items in the three tabs surfaces modal pages with additional information. The Account Info modal also includes an "Edit" button for updating account information. Actionable text is included throughout the template for phone number, email address, and address fields.



My Opportunities


Intended for use alongside the "Create an Opportunity" workflow, this template includes pre-configured pages for searching for and editing opportunities. The Opportunity Details page includes three tabs: Details, Contacts, and Activity. A pencil icon leads the user to the Edit Opportunity page while the paperclip icon in the header surfaces attachments. Following links under Account, Contact, or Activity leads to modal pages with further details. As with the other lookup/edit zapps, actionable text is included for all phone numbers, email addresses, and addresses.



Sales Performance


A two-page Universal Micro App designed to help you quickly build a dashboard of current sales performance throughout the team. The dropdown at the top enables filtering by time period, and a mobile-optimized table template includes three fields, with the single field on the right (Amount) highlighted in blue to stand out. The total, included in the footer of the page, is pre-configured to send a Push Notification upon a change in value. A Card is also set up to display the total as well as trending information on the home page of WorkSimple.



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