Anatomy of WorkSimple

The following article provides an overview of the layout and functionality of the Capriza WorkSimple application.



WorkSimple Interface


WorkSimple is divided into two main tabs:Zapps, and Notifications.





The Zapps tab displays tiles for your organization's various Zapps. To ensure a tailored experience for the end user, only the Zapps that have been distributed to that particular user are displayed.




Notifications Tab


Notifications are housed in a separate tab for increased visibility. When you have pending notifications, a red badge will appear on the home screen of your device as well as on the bell icon on the WorkSimple navigation bar. (Note: If your primary brand color makes it difficult to see the red badge on the bell icon, it can be changed to white. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this setting.)




Tapping on any of the notifications will deep link into the item in the Zapp requiring the user's attention.



Swipe right to dismiss a notification.



Header Image


The header image is located in the upper third of the WorkSimple screen and is pulled into the background of the remainder of the screen for brand-consistency. You can specify the default banner image via the Brand page in the Capriza Dashboard, and you can also include different banner images per user using Organizational Policies.

End users can also personalize the banner image. To do so, tap the image and select an upload action.



Choosing the "Company Image" option will restore the user's WorkSimple display to your Organization's defaulting branding.



WorkSimple Zapp Actions


You can learn about your Zapps and perform actions by tapping the (…) icon. From this menu, you can view version details and add a shortcut to your device’s homescreen.




The Details option displays a Description of the Zapp as well as notes on that particular version. You can run the Zapp using the "Run" button at the bottom of the dialog.




Shortcut enables you to bookmark the Zapp on your phone's Homescreen. Please refer to this article for more information.



You can also long press on any tile to reorder your Zapps.




WorkSimple Side Menu


From the WorkSimple Side Menu, you can request a Zapp, change your notification settings, send WorkSimple feedback, and sign out of your account. To access the Side Menu, tap the menu icon in the top left of WorkSimple.




The following actions are available:


  • Profile Image: To change, tap on the image.



  • Request Zapp: Have an idea? From here you can submit a request to your IT department for a new Zapp. The request will be received by all Org Admins.

  • Settings: “Settings” allows you to control which Zapp notifications you are following. From here you can turn Zapp-specific business alerts on or off.

  • Send Feedback: Send feedback to your IT department relating to your experience with WorkSimple.
  • Sign Out: To log out of WorkSimple. Re-authentication is required upon logging back in.

When logged into a Zapp, the side menu options change slightly:

  • Home: Tapping “Home” will take you back to the main WorkSimple interface with your Zapp catalogue.
  • Settings: In Zapp “Settings”, you can clear your cache (history) as well as saved field values.
  • Send Feedback: Send feedback to your IT department relating to the experience you’re currently having with the Zapp.

  • Sign Out: To log out of that particular Zapp.


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